What we offer

We are now handling the following business entrusted by domestic and foreign clients in the intellectual property field:

● Patent application and protection involving mechanical, metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, foodstuff, light industrial, agricultural, electric, electronic, telecommunication, computers, aeronautic and space engineering, oceanological and geological and other technical fields;

● Filing patent applications, request for re-examination, request for revocation and invalidation of a patent right and other matters;

● Appeal to the people's court on behalf of the client, not satisfied with the decision of re-examination, revocation and invalidation in respect of a patent right;

● Services concerning consultation, investigation, obtaining of evidences, request for administrative mediation, institution of legal proceedings in the court for the interested party;

● Services on licensing and assignment of patents;

● Services for patent search and market supervision;

● Trademark application and protection;

● Filing trademark applications, request for re-examination, opposition adjudication of disputes and cancellation of improperly registered trademarks;

● Services for licensing and assignment of trademarks;

● Consultation and search service of trademarks;

● Services in consultation, investigation and obtaining evidence for trademark disputes; request for administrative punishment; institution of legal proceedings on behalf of clients;

● Providing infringement supervision service for clients through net work established in the main cities of PRC;

● Other business in connection with intellectual property matters;

● Legal services on copyright protection and registration of computer software;

● Legal services on technical trade, investment, evaluation of intangible assets with respect to consultation, drafting of contract and negotiation.

● Translation of technical documents and other legal documents.

● Verification service of the ISO9000, and the relating legal services of them.